Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that encourages your body’s natural healing process. Through energy work Reiki provides physical, mental and emotional balance, and is particularly effective in helping people deal with life’s pressures, stress and anxiety. It is a non-forceful technique which doesn’t require applying pressure or any physical manipulation. A Reiki session typically helps you feel calm, balanced, energised and empowered.

Reiki sessions at Zen-Strength are 60 minutes. Your first session is 75 minutes - allowing for introduction between you and your practitioner.


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Ana started practicing Reiki as a way to bring balance back to her life - while pursuing a busy professional career. As a practicing architect, she was experiencing increasing difficulty in managing the stress that comes with the pressures of the construction industry. Through Reiki, Ana finds the “quiet” space that settles her stress and improves the quality of her life. This rejuvenating “zen” experience is what inspires her to help anyone challenged with stress, fatigue, overwhelm or restlessness.



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