At Zen-Strength we firmly believe that utilising personalised nutritional guidelines plays an essential role in our zen-strength.

"Individual-appropriate nutritional choices assist us in attaining and sustaining focused-energy, distinct-vitality, innate-resilience, heightened-wellbeing, enduring-energy and prominent-life force."
- Kathryn De Vos Siebert  (Zen-Strength Founder-Owner)

Our Homeopathic Nutrition Consultant helps individuals determine, understand and respect their uniqunutritional needs and sensitivities - and essentially provides a personalised, comprehensive nutritional solution that facilitates health and healing.

“I believe that we can empower ourselves through educated nutritional and lifestyle decisions, committing to necessary change, being mindful of our emotions and actions, and cultivating a positive outlook on ourselves and life.”  

- Francois Raubenheimer (Zen-Strength Homeopathic Nutrition Consultant)

A Homeopathic Nutrition Consultation is personalized, most often including a holistic assessment of nutritional choices, lifestyle, personal medical history, family medical history, and other possible factors impacting on health - such as stress, psychological well-being, constitution and genetic predispositions. In addition, predisposing markers and factors for potential future health risk and disease development are addressed. Suggestions are made for adjustments to the clients diet with a comprehensive nutrition plan and recommendations for supplementation are made (as needed) to optimise health, as well as treat and prevent certain conditions.

Homeopathic Nutrition Consultations include interpretation, education and advice for improving and optimising health, burning fat, reducing cholesterol, assisted detoxification, reducing poor energy production (methylation) in the body, treating inflammation, reducing oxidation stress to prevent cancer development, treating poor assimilation of nutrients, treating deficiencies in essential nutrients, reducing stress and assisting in depression, alleviating stress and living life fully, addressing stressful life challenges, medical diagnosis and lab test results, as well as making decisions with specialist/therapist referrals.

We also bring Zen-Strength Homeopathic Nutrition Consulting to your home, hotel room or office space. Mixed packages that combine 2 or more Zen-Strength services can be arranged.

Homeopathic Nutrition Consultations are offered at our Zen-Strength premises on an ad hoc basis (prior bookings are essential).

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Francois has a Masters in Homeopathy, with 13 years of experience working as a specialised consultant in the health retail industry. Francois’s holistic approach integrates functional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Acupressure Therapy, Reiki, Ayurvedic medicine principles, Homeopathy and an extensive knowledge base of nutrition and supplementation.

For more information about Francois please visit our PRACTITIONERS page.


“For most of my life I've followed a healthy diet and lifestyle, firmly believing that "prevention is better than cure", but when I started my own business the long hours and stress caught up with me and my energy levels - and no matter what I tried, I couldn't shake off the fatigue. I consulted with Francois and was immediately impressed by his depth and breadth of knowledge relating to my complex issue. He was able to explain my issue in an uncomplicated way, offered much useful advice relating to nutrition as well as lifestyle, and has ultimately helped me in preventing long-term health issues. I recommend a consultation with Francois without reservation!” - Kathryn De Vos Siebert (Founder-Owner of Zen-Strength)