At Zen-Strength we feel that there are invaluable benefits to experiencing zen-strength in our work. As such we've linked up with Burns-Hoffman Consulting in including a business and career coaching dimension to the offering of Zen-Strength.

"It is our sincere desire that the focused-energy, cool-confidence and heightened-wellbeing of zen-strength extends to all areas of our clients lives. Through developing a clear vision and consistently striving to realise and expand on our vision we can learn, experience, benefit from and master zen-strength in our working lives." 

- Kathryn De Vos Siebert (Founder-Owner of Zen-Strength)

Work forms an integral part of most of our lives. On average a third of our lifetime is spent working, with many choosing to engage for considerably longer hours than the norm. If one aspires to attain and sustain a state of ‘zen’ and is desirous of living with vitality, one’s personal energy must resonate with one's choice of work.

Personal Business Coaching revolves around identifying and exploring the roles one’s unique personal energy, passion, purpose and vision plays in aligning one’s career, work and life choices in such manner as to ensure one lives one’s “best life” and enjoys sustained professional, as well as personal success. Essentially Personal Business Coaching supports one in turning career dreams into a reality - so that we start doing what we love and consistently love the work we do.


"There is much said and written about ‘dreams’ and ‘goal setting’ and ‘attaining the life we seek’, a great deal of which may be beautiful, poetic and momentarily inspiring. The truth however is that dreams and goals only become meaningful, and will only actually be realised, when they are in alignment with our personal vision." 

- Elise Burns-Hoffman (Personal Business Coach)


One of the benefits of consulting with a personal business coach, irrespective of whether it is at the point of starting out a career; transitioning from one to another; embarking on self-employment and or negotiating the challenges of entrepreneurship, is that of ensuring optimal alignment of the uniqueness of the individual with the world of work. The energy this alignment creates is exceptional - and exponential.  

Every client benefits from teachings; mentorship and practical guidance in line with who they are at their core. While a handful of generic principles may be taught when appropriate, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology and the uniqueness of the individual sits at the centre of the process.  

Each and every coaching session energises one - the information shared, insights gained and tools gathered assists one in making working life a greater success. Some of the many questions addressed during initial coaching sessions may include: What energises me? Do I have a sense of purpose - and what is it? Do I have a vision - and what is it? Does my current journey align with my sense of purpose and vision? What needs to change and how do I make the necessary changes? 

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Elise Burns-Hoffman's approach to personal business coaching flows from 30+ years of working at the intersection at which health, business and law meet. Elise is an Occupational Therapist, with further financial and legal training who, after operating at all levels of the corporate world started her own national consultancy over a decade ago. She has since super-specialised in the understanding of skills, skills transferability and the world of work, and places tremendous value on the benefits of aligning one’s skills and career engagements with one’s personal energy and uniqueness. As the Personal Business Coach of Zen-Strength's Founder-Owner, Elise played an invaluable role in the founding of Zen-Strength, and through regular coaching sessions continues to play a key role in the growth of the brand.

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"Elise Burns-Hoffman has a wonderful way of deconstructing the crux of a complex situation and reconstructing it in a way that – when implemented – gives one a sense of control, achievement and renewed vigour to progress. I started looking forward to my sessions with her, because I always left with a lightness of being; new perspective and tools to tackle my professional and personal challenges. What I valued most was not just insight into my own psychology, but valuable understanding of human nature as a whole, and how others are receiving my communication – both verbal and non-verbal. I have been using this approach ever since and have experienced positive results, simply by tweaking how I communicate. Thanks again Elise." - Bobby Brown (Multi-media writer/journalist, Breakfast Show Anchor - Smile 90.4FM)

Elise is a one of a kind person and coach. Without her I do not think my career and life would be where it is today. She guided me on my path of career change and helped me to gain the confidence I needed within myself to make my career dreams come to fruituon. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for career change or career guidance, you won’t regret it.- (Singer, Songwriter)

"I have been working with Elise for a year and a half and as I have said to friends so many times, my only regret is that I didn’t start working with her earlier on in my business. Elise has a great structured approach to uncovering your vision for yourself and your business but what I really love most about her is that she is so practical and is able to guide you in extremely practical ways through all the trickiest parts of running a business. She has a lot of experience in running successful businesses herself including her own and has a lot of wisdom and knowledge about business and the SA market. She also has a really calm way about her. Elise has quite frankly changed the trajectory of my businesses and I consider her an invaluable partner to me - I urge anyone grappling with issues in business or as an entrepreneur to not wait to get her assistance as a coach.” - Amanda Reekie (Founding Director - imagineNATION Alliance and ovatoyo)

“Elise is a consummate professional. She was very understanding of my needs and took a great deal of time to research my background and was able to give me advise as to how to prepare and assist myself in my future needs and directions. She is a very caring lady and always has the interests of her clients at heart. Her advice was very useful and her simple and logical approach, was a great help as well.” - Rob Russell (Retired Air Traffic Controller)

“Elise has been instrumental in assisting me with the career direction that I have taken which resulted in me starting my own business, a remote medical support company with our head office based in Kenya. She has continued to add significant value on a strategic, operational and personal level for the past three years. She embraces one’s business and goes the extra mile in terms of assisting, supporting and challenging one’s thinking. I look forward to continuing to work with Elise for many years to come” - Diana Carson (Managing Director - Response-Med)

“Elise was the most wonderful encouraging and energetic business coach anyone could wish for at a time when I was going through a huge shift in my 27 year old business. Elise's contribution extended well beyond the hourly session with wonderful detailed reports including further insights and suggestions.” - (Owner - small design company)

“My colleague & I were doing a management take over of the business we worked for and went to see Elise to guide us through the process. She was a great support for us through the process and offered us a wealth of information and advice. She also helped us consider our roles in the process and how best we could move forward as individuals and as business partners. I dont believe we could have done this without her solid experienced guidance.” - Lee Ann Rennie and Regardt Voges – (directors of Post CT)

“As an insurance professional, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elise. She has a deep knowledge of the insurance industry which accelerates the coaching process.  She helped me to broaden my goals and expectations in a very safe environment - and this change has helped bring new goals and fruitful directions in my career journey.  I can highly recommend her expert coaching to the thoughtful executive or professional, especially in the insurance industry.” - (Independent Consulting Actuary)