Kathryn is the founder-owner of Zen-Strength, and currently offers Pilates and Functional Conditioning.

Kathryn's interest in health and fitness was sparked at a very young age. From the age of 6 she partook in a wide variety of physical pursuits - ranging from disciplined classical ballet, team and individual sports to 
competitive sailing. With a passion for human movement, 2003 Kathryn gained a BA Sports Science Degree from Stellenbosch University, where she specialized in “The Health and Fitness Industry” and majored in Business Management. With a particular interest in biomechanics she broadened her knowledge and exercise prescription skills - studying Pilates and certifying through Renee Watson. After much, valuable, freelance instructing experience in 5-Star Hotel, boutique Pilates and Personal Training Studio and Virgin Active environments, she ventured abroad. In Calgary, Canada she worked as an employed elite-level trainer at World Health - gaining further specialised training, education and experience in rehabilitation and functional conditioning. She returned to Cape Town in pursuit of a BD Interior Design Degree, which she gained in 2012 from Inscape Design College. A few years of freelance interior design work and freelance instructing served as an ideal cultivation period - for a business concept which would marry her interests and experience in holistic health and fitness, design, hospitality and business. Kathryn founded Zen-Strength in early 2016. 


Jamie has a competitive sports background in numerous individual and team sports most notably cycling, squash, waterpolo and hockey. He pursued his passion for sport and fitness - qualifying as a Personal Trainer with ETA in 2001. He began his career working at the world renowned Sports Science Institute in Cape Town, where he gained valuable insight into fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation. In 2003 he undertook contractual work aboard the Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines where he furthered his training and experience in a multitude of fitness and wellness disciplines - most notably massage and Stott Pilates. On returning to South Africa, he cultivated his new-found interest in The Pilates Method by training and becoming certified through Renee Watson, and has been working in Cape Town as a freelance Pilates and Personal Training Instructor ever since. Jamie joined the Zen-Strength team in early 2017, where he has advanced his expertise in functional conditioning and therapeutic massage.

Jamie enjoys witnessing the happiness his clients exude when they achieve new levels of competence.


Braeden is a qualified Biokineticist holding a BA Honours degree from the University of the Western Cape. A Biokineticist improves a person’s physical well-being and quality of life through individualized scientific assessment and prescription of exercise in rehabilitative treatment. Braeden has a deep passion for health, fitness and helping people and therefore decided to pursue this career path. He is a sports enthusiast and runner.

After obtaining his degree in 2016, Braeden completed his internship at UWC where he was exposed to a wide variety of clients, ranging from athletes to elderly people. He has since worked in corporate and private gym settings with clients requiring rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. Through ETA, Braeden is also a qualified pilates instructor and sports massage therapist, with experience in assisting mountain bikers and runners with their pre and post competition recovery at events such as Wines2Whales and the Cape Town marathon.


Michal has a keen interest in the role mindfulness plays in personal development and transformation. Graduating cum laude with BA (Honours) in Psychology from UNISA, he has also studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Stellenbosch University, and is currently doing research towards the degree of MPhil in Mindfulness at the same institution. He is a long time Zen practitioner, an authorised meditation teacher in the Shambhala tradition, and a Body Arts and Science (BASI) certified Pilates instructor.

Michal is a teacher on the Insight Timer meditation app. For Michal's teacher profile page please click here.

More information on Michal can be found on his website 


Francois has a Masters Degree in Homeopathy with an ardour for healing methodologies and techniques. As part of his master’s degree thesis he researched and compared different concepts in doctrines such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine to Homeopathy, its relevance and importance in medicine today. As a result, Francois pursued courses in Reiki, Acupressure therapy and Ayurveda to augment his practice as a comprehensive alternative medicine practitioner. Moreover, Francois combines eastern medicine, homeopathy, and Functional medicine with nutrition in so doing optimising dietary changes specifically suited for the individual needs of the client. Francois joined the Zen-Strength team as he passionately believes in balance as key to a healthy life and environment and was the best space to carry out such a holistic approach to practice.    

Francois offers Homeopathic Nutrition Consultations and Reiki at Zen-Strength on an ad hoc basis.


After more than 10 years working as an architect, Ana started searching for ways of dealing with the high stress levels associated with the construction industry. She has always kept an active life - playing volley ball, swimming and doing yoga, but she felt it was not enough to have a balanced and healthy life. In 2017 she took on an active interest in alternative healing techniques and began her Reiki studies with Debbie Caknis at Metavarsity. She joined Zen-Strength in 2018 attracted by its holistic approach and calm environment, and with the aim to complement their treatments.

Ana offers Reiki at Zen-Strength on an ad hoc basis.


Elise has a B.Sc. Occupational Therapy degree; has studied further in life insurance and law and is a certified mediator. She is a high court expert in medico-legal and incapacity matters; a claims specialist in life insurance risk related matters and a personal business coach.  Her professional experience led her to design and run a UCT certified course for health professionals desirous of giving expert testimony in court, which she continues to do on a regular basis. Elise has an extensive national and international client base and currently splits her time between consulting in the Western and Eastern Cape, alongside a considerable amount of Skype consulting. Her career has included pioneering new service offerings in the risk industry and the education sector; numerous management positions; directorships; executive positions, as well as leading a specialist national consultancy operating in four provinces for 11 years before choosing to further specialise in her current areas of focus. Elise played in an instrumental role in Kathryn's founding of Zen-Strength.

More information on Elise can be found on and the Burns-Hoffman Coaching and Burns-Hoffman Consulting Facebook pages.