Through practicing mindfulness regularly and consistently we learn, experience, benefit from and master our innate "zen-strength".

"Integrating mindfulness practices into our lifestyle on a daily basis is highly effective. This holistic practice has a harmonising, “zen-strength” effect - benefiting our quality of everyday life, ability to manage stress and longevity".  

- Kathryn De Vos Siebert (Zen-Strength Founder-Owner)

We believe that the regular practice of meditation primes us for everyday or lifestyle mindfulness. Through meditation we learn how to still the mind, focus our energy and perform tasks more consciously.

Though meditation we become mentally stronger and physically calmer. Mental focus builds our mental strength, endurance and flexibility, and conscious body alignment and breath work calms the nervous system.

The practice of meditation is often misunderstood as an excuse to day-dream or a treatment for those who ‘just need to calm down’ but we believe it is essential to creating stillness and stability in our busy, modern lives.

Meditation is sensory. It is about noticing, feeling and ultimately reaching a place of peace, with oneself and one’s circumstances while also instilling in us the confidence to turn our ambitions into reality and our world into a place we are proud to be part of.

We firmly believe that establishing a regular, meditation practice is highly beneficial. We're also aware that initiating and committing to a regular (and sustained) meditation practice is, most often, a challenge for many people. As such, we highly recommend using the InsightTimer meditation app

At Zen-Strength we consider meditation to be an essential ingredient of lifelong, holistic wellness.