1. the quality or state of being physically, mentally and emotionally strong and composed

    synonyms: controlled-power, focused-energy, cool-confidence, distinct-vitality

2. the capacity of a person to withstand physical and mental fatigue, injury, illness and fruitless stress

      synonyms: innate-resilience, heightened-wellbeing, enduring-energy, prominent-life force 

Zen-Strength is a holistic wellness brand, offering a host of complementary services, 

including Pilates & Functional Conditioning, Meditation, 

various styles of Massage, Reiki

Homeopathic Nutrition Consultations and Personal Business Coaching

as well as offering many 

natural lifestyle products.

We believe that sustained well-being comes from a personalised and holistic approach - attained through a harmonious combination of individual-appropriate physical conditioning, mindfulness practices, rejuvenating practices, and conscious lifestyle, nutritional, and career decisions.

We feel that each one of our service offerings contributes towards our mission -

“We aspire to offer a personalised and holistic wellness journey that is both empowering and rejuvenating.”

 - Kathryn De Vos Siebert (Zen-Strength Founder-Owner)

All our practitioners are passionate, highly-trained and highly-experienced specialists in their respective fields. 

Zen-Strength's home-base is a boutique wellness destination space situated in Sea Point, Cape Town. Within our heritage house locale, traditional grandeur meets modern style and comfort - double-volume ceilings, lots of natural light and timber flooring is complemented with contemporary detailing. We encourage our clients to arrive a little early or stay on a little to enjoy a complimentary cup of relaxing herbal tea.

"A nurturing space - where chaos is replaced with calm, and stress with serenity and positive energy."

For your convenience, we're able to bring a mobile version of all Zen-Strength services to your home, hotel room or office space. Mixed packages that combine 2 or more of our services can be arranged.